Eras Ears - (seconds)

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Eras Ears -  (seconds)

Made with only one layer of lightweight acrylic, adorned with our favourite lyrics “It’s me. hi!” & “anti hero” you’ll be the envy of the swiftest swifties of them all!

Selling in bundles only

You’ll receive
1 x “anti hero” w/gold hoops
1 x “It’s me. Hi!” w/gold hoops

*Anti hero glows in the dark!

***By purchasing these earrings you acknowledge that you are aware that these are seconds and all sales are final. Strictly no exchanges or refunds. ***

Gold rings and hearts are in perfect condition, but letters, dots and apostrophes are fragile and may come off, so please handle with care.

They should last the concert, at minimum, but no guarantee. After concert, if you desire, letters can be peeled off to then wear as perfectly good love heart earrings! *it is predominantly the apostrophes and dots that are fragile, letters SHOULD be fine*


- We use Australia Post

- All orders despatched within 48hrs

Any questions or to organise local 3196 contactless collection, please contact our friendly team at [email protected]